Brie in 2016.

Brie is a writer and editor from Portland, Oregon. She specializes in pop culture criticism, blogging, and SEO, and has worked with Chicago, AP, and MLA citation styles.

In 2016, she graduated from Portland State University, where she studied English and German. While attending PSU, Brie worked as a writer, and later as the opinion editor, at theĀ Portland State Vanguard, where she has published multiple nonfiction pieces. Currently, she is a staff writer at Digital Trends, a tech news publication in Portland.

When she isn’t writing, Brie enjoys reading, crocheting, playing RPGs, and snuggling with her two cats, Luna and Tally. She is currently working on a YA fantasy novel, which is tentatively calledĀ The Curse of Arden.

For general inquires, she can be reached at brie.barbee@gmail.com. For anything related to tech news or Digital Trends, please use bbarbee@digitaltrends.com. You can also follow her on Twitter.