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Can you separate art from an artist?

When someone is credibly accused of being a bigot or a harasser and shows no signs of remorse, you have to chose to either stop supporting them or come to terms with their behavior, because we can’t rightfully operate as if a piece of art suddenly has no creator.

The downsides of streaming music

Streaming music may be convenient, but it’s not a perfect match for all the music lovers out there. From certain songs not being available on all (or any) streaming sites to secretive proprietary algorithms putting tunes in people’s ears, there are some downsides to streaming music.

I can’t seem to quit Facebook

Despite my best intentions, I just can’t seem to ditch my Facebook account. From instant messaging to event planning, there are no other digital communication options with as many users as the largest social media platform on Earth. So, what else am I supposed to do?