Short Stories

The Fork in the Road: What will a traveling tinker discover when he journeys down a mysterious road he’s never seen before?

The Legend of the Kraken: When a messenger arrives in the Royal City and announces the elusive kraken has been sighted for the first time in years, Queen Elsbeth knows she must go after it.

Life After DeathWhat happens to us when we die? The answer might not be as exciting as you were hoping.

Janey and Viktoria: On her deathbed, Janey’s mother admits to her daughter that she has a twin sister — Viktoria. But will the two young women be anything alike? That is, if Janey can actually find her?

The Tower: Aud travels to the keep of an ancient wizard in search of treasure.

It’s Not You, It’s Brie: In which Brie writes about herself in the third person and complains about freelancing.

How to Slay a DragonOne man’s journey to slay a dragon and the creature he encounters.

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