When Snow Melts

“When Snow Melts” by Brie Barbee

When snow melts, what does it become? I’m sure I knew the answer to that question a long time ago, but I can’t seem to remember anything anymore. My fingers ache. My eyelids are heavy. It’s like the weight of the world is crushing me and I can’t move. But was it always like this? Did everything always hurt so bad? No, that can’t be true.

Because I remember when things were different. I remember the smell of grass in my nose, the feel of rain on my cheeks. Or were those tears? I remember these things, even though they seem so far away now. But things are changing. My joints still ache, but I can move. My breath is shallow, but I still breathe. There’s something sweet in the air, even if I can’t quite tell what it is. It reminds me of when things were different, when I didn’t feel so cold. It’s…nice.

Do other people always feel like this? I’m kind of jealous. But a thought occurs to me: If I never felt cold, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the warmth of the sun on my face now. Then I remember. When snow melts, it becomes spring.